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A Wellness Vacation with Purpose

Hilton Head Health (H3) is an all-inclusive health retreat that specializes in wellness, weight loss, and longevity programs. With over 40 years of experience in delivering effective personalized wellness and weight loss programs, H3 has shaped healthy lifestyles for individuals who’ve struggled with weight, diabetes, heart health, cancer, aging and more. Whether you’re simply looking for a healthy vacation or a comprehensive weight loss intervention, look no further; Hilton Head Health has the program for you.

"The changes in myself are incredible."

Tracy Rodgers, H3 Guest

Wellness Programs

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Wellness Programs

Your Wellness Spa Vacation Awaits

The Wellness Programs at H3 offer inspiration for healthy lifestyle change through the perfect balance of fitness classes, wellness education, chef-led cooking classes, stress management and mindfulness sessions, Island recreation and access to The Indigo, America’s Favorite New Spa. Our all-inclusive wellness retreats provide amazing Mediterranean-inspired healthy meals in our True restaurant and beach-side accommodations, bringing you the stress-free experience you are looking for.
Attend our LivingWell Program for 7 days or more for a complete experience in health and wellness.
Can’t get away for an entire week? Relax and recover with our minimum 3-night Healthy Getaway.

Weight Loss Programs

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Weight Loss Programs

Build Your Foundation for Successful Weight Management

Without the right support and clinical foundation, a weight loss program is nothing more than a glorified diet. And the old “fat farm” model has proven unsustainable. We do things differently at H3, starting with our definition of “diet” that will change your life forever. When sound nutrition is combined with motivational coaching and a personalized safe and effective fitness program, amazing things start to happen. You will leave H3 with a customized plan that is far more than a short term fix – you will leave with a lifestyle that you will be proud to live by.
Join us for our JumpStart Program for a week or more, lose a few pounds and leave with a weight loss strategy for success. If you’ve had chronic issues with weight, make our immersive four-week LoseWell4 Program your long-deserved answer to sustainable weight loss.

Longevity Program


NEW Longevity Program

Live Young Longer – The Foundation for Life Re-Imagined

When 1 in 5 baby boomers in the U.S. have diabetes; 40% are obese; and despite all this, life expectancy is increasing. Now is the time to bridge the gap and make every year healthy and active, not filled with disease and degeneration. LifePrime, H3’s newest program, offers a unique combination of baseline assessments, wellness education, and personal introspection that will help you uncover the secrets to healthy living now and into your third age of life.
Choose LifePrime™, change your course to live life to the fullest and Live Young Longer™.

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