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Hilton Head Health (H3) is a destination health resort that specializes in wellness, weight loss, and longevity programs. With over 40 years of experience in delivering effective personalized wellness and weight loss programs, H3 has shaped healthy lifestyles for individuals who’ve struggled with weight, diabetes, heart health, cancer, aging and more. Whether you’re simply looking for a healthy vacation or a comprehensive weight loss intervention, look no further; Hilton Head Health has the program for you.

Discover Healthy Living Through One of Our Programs

Why Choose H3?

Wellness Programs


Your Wellness Spa Vacation Awaits

The Wellness Programs at H3 offer inspiration for healthy living through fitness classes, wellness education, cooking classes, stress and mindfulness sessions, Island recreation and more. Beach breezes and beautiful wildlife (not to mention our award-winning spa) makes H3 an easy choice.

LivingWell >

Stay a week or more and optimize your stay with one of our individualized packages.

Healthy Getaway >

Relax and Recover with our minimum 3-night retreat.

Why Choose H3?

Weight Loss Programs


Sustainable Weight Loss

Without the right support and clinical foundation, a weight loss program is nothing more than a glorified diet. We do things differently at H3 - small-group workouts, private recovery therapies and individual counseling set you up for long-term success.

LoseWell4 >

Chronic issues with weight? Our immersive 4+week program is your answer for sustainable weight loss.

JumpStart >

Learn the fundamentals of a successful weight loss strategy in our weekly program.

Why Choose H3?

Longevity Program


Live Young Longer

Research shows that life expectancy is rising, despite the fact that 1 in 5 baby boomers have diabetes and 2 in 5 are obese. H3's longevity program offers a combination of assessments, introspection, and all the latest on healthy aging to help you live a longer, healthier life.

LifePrime >

Discover the secrets to living young longer into your third age of life.

The Essentials That Make H3 Stand Out

True Restaurant and Bar

True Restaurant & Bar


True To Nature. True To You.

H3's True Restaurant provides unmatched Mediterranean-inspired menus that are the foundation of all our healthy lifestyle programs. Whether you are looking to lose weight, control your blood sugar or just enjoy really good food, True Restaurant will exceed your expectations.




Safe. Effective. Realistic.

Every program at Hilton Head Health incorporates fitness and movement in a way that is fun, energizing and safe, yet challenging. While our approach to fitness may differ from program to program to meet the needs of our guests, our philosophy is always the same.

The Indigo Spa

The Indigo Spa


America's Favorite NEW Spa

The Indigo Spa's unique service menu reflects the body+mind connection as inspired by H3's renowned healthy lifestyle programs. An amenity to your stay or the reason for your visit, The Indigo delivers an unmatched spa experience.

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