"I have been able to come home and make small changes that are making a difference.  My scales show I have lost 9 pounds from my beginning weight there.*  My energy level is higher and I feel great!  My boss actually commented that I got my Mojo back."
- Debbie P., VA

3 Guests, 3 Goals, 3 custom experiences

Since 1976, the award-winning Hilton Head Health (H3) resort and spa has created customized experiences for guests interested in weight loss, fitness, nutrition, longevity, and stress management.  We understand that the health and wellness goals you have are unique to YOU.  We'll help you tailor a personalized wellness vacation to jumpstart your journey to better health and vitality.

After a thorough health assessment, each guests meets individually with a health specialist to determine the best way to individualize their visit.  Here's how three guests recently customized their all-inclusive stay at H3.

"I want to be fit!" - Kim met with Camila, a fitness professional, and using advanced technology she expertly evaluated her overall fitness - cardiovascular, strength, flexibility and balance.  During the follow-up Camila led Kim through a personal training, showing her how to improve her weaknesses.  Finally, Camila prepared a detailed exercise program for Kim and explained how to implement it back at home.

"I need to meal plan and cook." - Lindsay, a Registered Dietitian, suggested that Margaret first have her metabolism tested.  It turned out that Margaret wasn't burning as many calories as she thought.  Lindsay designed a custom meal plan and walked Margaret through every step.  Later that day, Margaret participated in a hands-on cooking session - the final piece of the puzzle.

"Help me de-stress." - Allison had been battling deadlines at work and needed a supportive place to escape.  She met privately with Lisette, a behavior counselor, to vent and brainstorm a plan.  The following day Allison went kayaking - the time with nature she'd been craving.  but, the real highlight was her therapeutic massage and foot rub she received after Friday's gourmet meal.

Call 800.292.2440 to speak with a program consultant and learn how H3 can be the start to a healthier you!

*Results may vary, and are not guaranteed. Every guest's body is unique and will respond to the diet and exercise programs at Hilton Head Health differently.