Philosophy and History

Hilton Head Health (H3) was founded in 1976 by Dr. Peter Miller, a renowned behavioral psychologist. In the early days Hilton Head Health was a 4-week program that operated out of Hilton Head Island’s Regional Hospital and all guests started and finished their program together. Over the past several decades Hilton Head Health has evolved to include programs in Wellness, Weight Loss and Longevity. But the core philosophy hasn’t changed. Provide an all-inclusive vacation experience in nutrition, fitness and body+mind that puts guests on a path to living a healthier lifestyle.

A Word From The Owner

John Schmitz, Owner/CEO

“We invite you to experience Hilton Head Health and all the exciting wellness activities we have to offer. Guest’s of our resort enjoy unbelievably tasty food, safe and enjoyable fitness options, world-class education and personalized health experiences. You’ll leave with a better knowledge of yourself and the ability to confidently go home and begin living a healthier lifestyle.”

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