Meet Our Team Members

Learn More About Who Will Be With You On Your Path To Weight Loss and Wellness Success

Bob Wright, M.A.T.

Director of Education

Erin Risius, M.A., LPC

Wellness Counselor

Brandi Streeter, M.S.

Health Coach

David Chesworth, B.S., ACSM

Fitness Director / Wellness Coach

Elizabeth Huggins, M.E.S.S., RDN, LD, CDE

Registered Dietitian

Kathryn Mademann

Fashion Stylist

Casey Walker

Fitness Coach

Chris Varano, B.S., AFPA

Fitness Coach / Pilates Specialist

Judy Caramello

Fitness Instructor

Karen Verechia, RYT

Yoga Instructor

Matt Barrack

Fitness Coach


Fitness Coach

Louise Lund

Fitness Instructor

Gretchen Spiridopoulos

Fitness Instructor

Maureen Hueyo

Massage Therapist

Christy Walker

Massage Therapist

Carey North

Massage Therapist

Claudia Padilla

Nail Technician

Laura Meiss

Massage Therapist

Lisa Kersey

Massage Therapist

Mercedes Hueyo


Jessica Brantley

SVP of Sales & Marketing

Jill Boyd

SVP of Hospitality

Kat Bremer

Program Consultant

Ryann Schmoyer

Reservations Manager

Gretchen Cyran

Housing Coordinator

Kylia Jacobson

Guest Services Manager

Andrew Evans

ACE Health Coach

Doreen Kuenzler

Program Concierge

Christine Tighe

Program Concierge

Robert Moonen

Facilities Director

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