“The entire time you’re here, it’s like you’re being prepared to go home. It’s like I went away for two weeks to practice a new lifestyle.”
- Celeste B., Maryland
Bob Wright, the H3 Director of Education, discusses important topics related to succeeding with your new lifestyle after leaving Hilton Head Health.

After Your Stay

Click here to read third-part reviewsYour stay at Hilton Head Health is the first step in achieving a long term healthy lifestyle and weight loss success. Our program is designed to educate and prepare you for a successful next step - transitioning back home. The knowledge and tools you acquire during your stay at Hilton Head Health will prepare you to continue losing weight and to keep it off for good. Hilton Head Health has specifically designed classes to help make your transition a success: 
  • Developing an Action Plan: Time management and basic planning are key to successful weight loss at home.  In this discussion, we’ll prepare you for everything from your first trip to the grocery store to your next big social event.
  • Staying on Track: Even the most motivated person “slips” from time to time. During this session, we explore strategies for staying on track and how to manage slip ups when they do occur.
  • Putting It All Together: We will prepare you for transitioning from the structured environment and aggressive short-term weight loss plan at Hilton Head Health to the real world and making a permanent lifestyle change.
  • Cooking Classes and Healthy Fine Dining: Our cooking classes and fine dining experiences are designed to show you how to enjoy healthier versions of the foods you love when at home and/or dining out – without losing the delicious flavors. All culinary offerings take place in our state-of-the-art kitchen, the H3 Healthy Kitchen, which is designed to remind you of being in the comfort of your own home.
In addition to the program classes and lectures, we offer a number of resources accessible to you at home for continued weight loss success:

H3@Home Coaching

Get continued support and accountability from the Hilton Head Health team. Work with your designated coach to move forward with your health and weight loss goals. Click here to learn more.


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