"H3 doesn't just allow us to educate ourselves about exercise, health, nutrition and weight loss, but it allows us a space in which to reassess our lives, our priorities and our core values"
- Tina Barr, VA
fitness director, danielle dunn, B.A., MBA, ACE

Danielle is Hilton Head Health's Fitness Director.  Danielle earned her Bachelor's in Exercise Science from Ball State University in 2010.  Prior to graduation she spent 4 months at Hilton Head Health as a program intern.  She gained valuable knowledge about every aspect of the program, from fitness and nutrition to marketing and guest services.  Danielle loved her experience so much that she yearned to return to Hilton Head Health at some point in the future.  Danielle returned to Ball State in 2011 to complete her Masters of Business Administration.  While earning her Master's she taught various group fitness classes to the student body.  Upon completion of her Masters in 2013 she led the fitness program at the Loyola Center for Fitness in Chicago.

In the summer of 2013 Danielle returned to Hilton Head Health as Fitness Director.  She is responsible for leading group fitness classes and personal trainings.  In addition, she organizes the weekly program schedule consisting of over 50 different fitness classes and 20 different lectures each week.