Emotional & Binge Eating Workshop


What Are You Really Hungry For?


Do you use food to cope with stress or eat when emotionally upset? 

Do you struggle with auto-pilot and/or nighttime overeating?

Do you have feelings of food addiction or feel out of control around certain foods?


If any of the above questions relate to you – you are not alone. H3 invites you to join us September 23-30 or December 2-9 for a specialty week facilitated by our Wellness Counselor and emotional and binge eating psychology specialist, Erin Risius.


This workshop will provide specialized support and guidance for anyone who struggles with binge or emotional overeating. Classes will focus on how to create a healthier relationship with food by better understanding the roles food may be serving in one’s life and provide strategies on how to better manage at home. This small group experience will both empower and inspire you to learn how to prioritize self-care instead of relying on the ‘false-fix’ that food provides in the heat of the moment.

You will receive valuable education, group support, and experiential activities for practicing key tools for: 


- Mindful eating for appetite awareness
- Mindful movement for overall body awareness
- Surfing the urge to eat when not physically hungry
- Prioritizing self-care at home
- Recognizing and effectively managing emotional triggers in the moment


This specialty week will allow you to take a breather from your home environment and to cultivate your own personalized plan for better managing not only your food choices but your overall health and well-being in a safe and supportive environment.


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*This specialty week is available to previous and new guests alike for a workshop fee of $400, to be paid with your deposit at time of booking. H3$ cannot be applied to workshop fees.

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