Hilton Head Health 2017 Special Events/Workshops

Hilton Head Health hosts world-renowned speakers talking on subjects ranging from overcoming adversity to work-life balance along with fun, interactive workshops and events that provide guests with the tools to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Calendar Key:

Healthy Kitchen Indigo Spa Recreation Workshops Miscellaneous

*All classes are subject to change. All Indigo Spa events and any Healthy Kitchen events after noon are open to the public. Call for information on specific events.

May 4th-May 19th | Linda Lisko

Linda Lisko joins the H3 team in May for special classes and private sessions.

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May 21-September 2 | Young Women's Package

Summer Package for Women Ages 18-25

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June 18-24 | Fawn Germer

Three Part Lecture Series on Resetting

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June 25-July 1 | Dana Kuehn

Three Part Series on Self Love Through Art

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June 25-July 1 | Fawn Germer

Two Part Lecture Series on Taming Your Inner Voices

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