Reinforce Your Experience With Customized At Home Services

No matter the great progress you have made during your stay, often the transition home can be a challenge. But your journey does not have to end here. That is why we created H3 at Home - to provide support and encourage you every step of the way. Look forward to months of encouragement from a Wellness Coach who trains you to be an expert on the path to your best self no matter your individual weight management and health goals.

As an exclusive service for guests who have previously attended one of our programs, H3 at Home provides ongoing support to help ensure a more successful transition to home. Our Wellness Coach will foster motivation and keep you focused to further ensure you implement the new habits, diet and exercise you learned during your Hilton Head Health stay. They help break down these new behaviors into small, achievable, yet impactful goals.

The initial assessment sets your overall vision for success and strategic long-term health goals. Weekly coaching sessions help you focus on the week-to-week steps that give you the progress you need to meet your goals. A private Facebook support community, monthly expert panel and email support from your Wellness Coach are also included with your H3 at Home program to futher support your wellness journey.

LoseWell guests receive one month of H3 at Home as part of their program.

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