“Working over sixty hours a week makes it difficult for me to find time to prepare healthy meals—but after my private sessions and cooking lessons at H3, I now know how to cross-utilize ingredients and plan my meals out for each week.”
- Robert J, Louisiana

H3 Healthy Kitchen, state of the art demo kitchen


Flavors of the Healthy Kitchen

The Healthy Kitchen culinary team cordially invite you to a special, palate pleasing, afternoon cooking demonstration spotlighting all of the exciting programs and events that are featured weekly in our popular Healthy Kitchen.  Each week, our Healthy Kitchen Executive Chef, Karla Williams with the help of Assistant Chef Carrie Adams plan and host a plethora of events ranging from cooking demonstrations, hands-on cooking classes, themed dinner events and more.  Our commitment to helping our guests live well, lose well and eat well start in the kitchen so join us on Monday afternoons and fill up your schedule with all programs our Healthy Kitchen has to offer.

Hands-On Cooking Classes

All good things must come to an end?  Not in our Healthy Kitchen!  Let our chefs teach you hands on how to continue with your new healthy way of life while they work side by side with you and other guests to reach your personal goals.  With six fully equipped workstations, you'll have the opportunity to experience cooking as if you were in the comfort of your own kitchen.

Hands-On Cooking Classes vary seasonally and emphasize local & fresh ingredients. Sample topics include Rolling Out Sushi, Salmon 3 Ways, Soups to Warm the Soul and Tailgate Tempters! View the events schedule for a list of our current offerings.

Hands-On Cooking Classes are limited to twelve participants.

Chef's Table Fine Dining Experiences

Never have you enjoyed such a satisfying and mouth-watering low-calorie, low-fat gourmet meal and paired with the perfect wines.  Our Healthy Kitchen chef will prepare table side while you enjoy an interactive and social dinner while learning healthy ways of cooking. 

Chef's Table Fine Dining Experiences themes include the Classic American Steakhouse, C'est si Bon, Italian vs French, A Taste of the Low Country, Mexican Fiesta - Oaxaca Style and many more seasonal menus! Check this month’s healthy dining schedule.

Chef's Table events do not exceed 650 calories. Wine selections are not included in the caloric range.

Meet-Pair-Share Dinners

Founded on the simple idea that memories with family and friends flourish at the dinner table with a well prepared, creative meal.  Come join us for delicious food, worldly wines and meeting new friends in our Healthy Kitchen for this family style Meet-Pair-Share dinners.  
Meet-Pair-Share Dinners do not exceed 575 calories. Wine selections are not included in the caloric range.      

Dinner Demonstrations

Learn to cook nutritious and delicious meals that will be the hit of your next dinner party.  Preparation and execution of the three-course meal is demonstrated by Chef Karla, and then served up with a perfectly paired wine.  Recipes included.

Cooking Demonstrations

What a great opportunity to learn the "H3 Way."  Our afternoon cooking demonstrations focus on simple, fast and healthy dishes that can be prepared quickly after a long day.  Using readily accessible fresh and wholesome ingredients, our chefs will prepare nourishing meals that taste delicious, look appealing, and keep you on track towards achieving your nutritional success. Recipes included.

"Sound Bites" 30-min Cooking Demonstrations

Join Chef  for a Sound Bite… an entertaining, informative and delicious 30-minute super food demonstration, focusing on easy to prepare, nutrition packed Fit Bites.  Demo includes 10:30 am snack and recipe.

Lunch and Learn

During this session, you will enjoy a cooking demonstration with the Healthy Kitchen Chef. You will learn cooking techniques and how to incorporate healthy meals into your lifestyle. All while enjoying the delicious meal that is being demonstrated.  Recipes included.

Kitchen Cook-Off

An interactive cooking game where two teams duel out the challenge of creating the best prepared dishes.  There are time limits and secret ingredients that will need to be considered and incorporated into your planning.  Each team will have an H3 chef to coach them through the planning and execution.  If you’re looking for a fun and exciting time, and if you have a competitive side to you, Kitchen Cook-Off is for you!

Meal Planning Lecture

One of the most important factors of committing to a healthy lifestyle involves dietary and nutritional discipline.  In order to set yourself up for success, you need to plan ahead.  Most dietary advice available today focuses on what you “cannot” and “should not” eat.  Our nutrition education team here at Hilton Head Health are highly trained, certified professionals that will provide you with the tools that will help you determine what you can do to make healthy eating decisions.  Join our Healthy Kitchen Chef and Registered Dietitian for a meal planning lecture focusing on positive choices on foods that provide the nutrients you need to maintain good health.

Chop Talk™

Become the best at-home chef you can be with accuracy and skill all while learning dishes that are simple and delicious.  You will learn basic knife skills that will correspond to the specific recipe prepared in each lesson.  Discover the shortcuts for working with ingredients that are most commonly cut, prepared and served incorrectly.  Take advantage of our skilled professionals and their helpful hints that will ultimately turn you from novice to skilled pro.  Recipe card and preparation instruction included with each lesson.

Private Cooking Lessons

Learn how to plan, prepare and cook healthy dishes with your own “private chef.”  These 75 minute sessions will focus on goals, skills, and recipes for a well-balanced, healthy meal plan.  Our Experienced Planners here at H3 will help you book your 15 minute cooking consultation with our Healthy Kitchen chefs to set up your personalized game-plan.  Recipes and Healthy Kitchen aprons included.  
15 Minute Preliminary Consult: Free of Charge
75 Minute Private Cooking Lesson: $275 for the first session and $250 for any additional
75 Minute Shared Cooking Lesson: $150 per person with a maximum of 4 participants