"The experience here provided me with a re-awakening of the mind, body and spirit. I have never felt more supported and encouraged by both staff and Guests. Beginning of a life change."
- Patti W, Kentucky

live well weekly program

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Walking is an integral part of the H3 program. Walking on the beach just makes it more fun!

sunrise beach walk.

Program begins on Sunday afternoons.

Depending on your individual health goals, length of program varies from one week, ten days, two weeks, three weeks, and more.

In addition to our weekly program, we also offer a Healthy Lifestyle 3-day retreat and the LOSE Well 4-week weight loss program.

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Private Pilate Session

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For over 38 years, Hilton Head Health (H3) has been educating and inspiring each Guest to live his/her healthiest life.  H3's personalized and all-inclusive LIVE Well Program provides an environment for rapid personal growth - developing new healthy habits, jumpstarting weight loss or managing stress are some of the many ways guests choose to begin living a more well-balanced, fulfilling life.

A health spa resort with world-class food, fitness, education, and amenities

Weekly participation in the LIVE Well program includes:

A customized health fitness experience

LIVE Well Program participants complete an online registration prior to arrival and are assigned a Mentor who's expertise aligns with their personal goals.  On day one guests undergo a comprehensive health assessment and meet privately with their Mentor for up to 45 minutes.  The mentorship session is designed to help guests individualize their LIVE Well stay at H3.  Mentors strive to understand each guest's motivation, and then create a custom LIVE Well plan.

Guests continue to receive one-on-one support throughout their stay by our Guide staff.  The H3 Guides help guests schedule the private services that best support their goals - personal training, massages, private consultations, hands on cooking lessons, and so much more - all included within the program fees.

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A Typical Day

Sunrise Beach Walk

Group Fitness Classes (Click here to learn more)
Group Fitness Classes (Click here to learn more)
11:00  Educational Seminar/Workshop (Click here to meet our experts)

Lunch (Click here to learn more about our gourmet cuisine)

Special Events, Recreation Options or Individual Services

Group Fitness Options
Group Fitness Options


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