"The knowledge I gained during this experience altered my life. I now understand that life is about choices and we all fail. The failure is not what makes us who we are; it’s the journey to recovery that makes us strong.”
- Ronnie H, Georgia
Heavy on A&E was filmed at Hilton Head Health weight loss spa and resort.

heavy weight loss docudrama

Hilton Head Health (H3) was selected to be featured on A&E's weight loss docudrama, HEAVY.  Unlike other weight loss series - HEAVY is not a competition, rather an in-depth look at the personal struggles, triumphs and transformations of twenty-two individuals who struggled with obesity.  In order to most accurately document these multiple journeys over the course of six months, A&E sought out two different production companies and locations to undertake the lengthy and ambitious filming process.  Twelve participants began their journey here at H3, while ten others participated in a program in Texas.


The episodes of A&E’s weight loss docudrama, HEAVY, filmed here at Hilton Head Health featured the 4+ Week Lose Well Program.  (Note: Those featured on A&E's HEAVY docudrama resided at H3 for six consecutive months)  The Lose Well program is designed for those individuals looking for a structured, long-term program to support sustainable weight loss and weight management. 

Visit www.aetv.com/heavy to watch full episodes of HEAVY plus additional bonus footage!