"Words can't really capture what it's like to be in this atmosphere- supportive structure and staff- plus the experience of LIVING successful, non deprived weight loss is priceless and has done much to decrease my anxiety about taking the program home!"
- Deborah R, Michigan
Hilton Head Health Weight Loss Resort Tour. Not Another Fat Camp.

Hilton Head Health weight loss resort tour

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Healthy Cuisine, Fitness, and Friendships are part of what makes H3 Weight Loss Resort so special.

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Learn about why H3 Weight loss retreat is the premier destination for healthy weight loss through fitness programs and nutritional education to unlock your inspiration to lead a healthy life.

Experience the H3 Weight Loss Resort

Hilton Head Health was established in 1976. Over the years we’ve grown and expanded to encompass entire-body wellness. Nutritional education and creating healthy cuisine in our state-of-the-art commercial kitchen, customized fitness programs lead by instructors, and a relaxing wellness spa help build a foundation for leading a healthy life at home.

Reach Your Weight Loss Goals: A Typical Day

Building a healthy lifestyle begins with the desire to reinvent yourself. Through education, practice, and structure, every guest can learn to lose weight and stay healthy. Finding your inspiration to rebuild a typical day that extends beyond Hilton Head Health is paramount in achieving your weight loss and wellness goals.

Learn to Create Gourmet, Healthy Cuisine

Weight loss begins in the kitchen. Choosing healthy, fresh ingredients to build delicious meals without sacrificing flavors is an important aspect to achieving your goals. Our all-inclusive resort features healthy cuisine crafted by an executive chef to exemplify the art of eating right, while eating well.

All-Inclusive Resort Accommodations.

Hilton Head Health is much more than a “Fat Camp.” Careful consideration is placed on making your stay successful and comfortable. With that in mind, our all-inclusive resort is continuously being updated and upgraded. The accommodations are designed to be warm and inviting, mimicking the comfort you experience in your own home. But luxury extends beyond the rooms with a state-of-the-art commercial educational kitchen, fitness rooms and equipment to help you achieve your weight loss goals, all set on the pristine beach of Hilton Head.