"One of the most wonderful experiences at H3 is the supportive environment that’s created there. The culture of the program promotes socialization and networking among the Guests – and I found that getting to know and understand how others live and deal with their weight has been very beneficial to me in managing my own." - Deniese C, North Carolina
LOSE Well Weight Loss Program

LOSE Well 4-week Weight Loss program

Learn about our intensive program for long-term weight loss results

LOSE Well 4-week+ program pricing (preferred villa room):

4 Weeks            $14,950
5 weeks           $18,450
6 weeks           $21,950
7 weeks           $25,450
8 weeks           $28,950
add. weeks           $3,500

select villa:  $280 less/week

lagoon villa:  $280 more/week

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FIT-Level exercise session

small group workshop



To successfully lose weight and keep it off, you need accountability; you need structure; you need peer support; but most of all, you need time for the habits to take hold.  Our almost 40 years of real-world experience has taught us that real change - and the significant, even extreme weight loss that comes with it - requires a real commitment.

The LOSE Well Program is for people who are ready to lose significant weight - and keep it off!

The LOSE Well 4-week Weight Loss Program at Hilton Head Health is the most personalized and intensive plan we offer.  Here's what is included

  • Pre and Post comprehensive health and fitness assessment
    • Blood lipid profile, glucose, blood pressure, resting heart rate, circumference measurements
    • Strength, cardio, balance, and flexibility assessments
  • Scientifically validated metabolism assessment and nutrition review
  • Weekly weigh-in and one-on-one mentoring
  • 2 and 1/2 hours each day of progressive fitness programming in small groups
  • Nutritious calorie-controlled cuisine
  • Active and Passive physical recovery sessions to keep you moving the entire program
  • Counselor-led workshops and discussions
  • Exclusive educational sessions
  • Private villa or Villa room accommodations
  • 24-hour access to fitness facilities
$1600 in H3 Cash to use on:

A results-based approach for ALL fitness levels

Every participant in the LOSE Well program undergoes a thorough health and fitness assessment administered by a qualified team of experts.  Soon after, the guest will meet individually with a Mentor to establish their goals, discuss their motivation and plan a course of action.

Each guest is assigned a FIT-level Coach, his or her personal trainer for the 4-week program.  The FIT-level Coach meets with their team (no more than 6 individuals) on a daily basis for 3 and 1/2 hours of private instruction.   These FIT-level workouts are customized and progressive, no two sessions are alike.

Education and Planning

The LOSE Well Program has its own series of seminars and workshops that prepare you for a complete health plan that addresses motivation, behavior change, nutrition, and fitness planning.  Sessions include:

  • Influences on Behavior - Considering all the moving pieces that influence our behavior is essential to a comprehensive approach to weight loss.
  • Balance Nutrition - Dig a little deeper into what it means to have good nutrition.  Gain a solid understanding of each component and finish with a small group session of meal planning.
  • Behavior Modification Techniques - Focus on the how-to's and develop your personal strategy as it relates to specific areas of your healthy life.
  • Developing a Fitness Plan - This workshop expands on the strategies in your FIT-level workouts to give you the tools you need to continue your fitness success at home.
A Typical Day


Morning Starter (smoothie, granola, etc.)

FIT-Level Workout


Principles of Living Well Workshop

MetaboMeal Snack

Recovery Fitness (stretching, ice massage, etc.)


Educational Series

FIT-Level Workout

Individual Services or LIVE Well Program

Recreational Activities

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