"One of the most wonderful experiences at H3 is the supportive environment that’s created there. The culture of the program promotes socialization and networking among the Guests – and I found that getting to know and understand how others live and deal with their weight has been very beneficial to me in managing my own." - Deniese C, North Carolina
LOSE Well Weight Loss Program for Extreme Weight Loss

LOSE Well 4+ week Weight Loss program

Learn about our weight loss program designed for extreme weight loss and lasting results

Guests participating in LOSE Well Weight Loss Program for extreme weight loss

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LOSE Well weight loss program guests exercising with personal trainerFIT-Level exercise session

LOSE well weight loss program participants learn about healthy diet plans for extreme weight loss

small group workshop

LOSE well weight loss program participants exercising with personal trainer to achieve extreme weight loss


LOSE well weight loss program cooking class


To successfully lose weight and keep it off, you need accountability; you need structure; you need peer support; but most of all, you need time for the habits to take hold.  Our almost 40 years of real-world experience has taught us that real change - and the significant, even extreme weight loss that comes with it - requires a real commitment.

The LOSE Well Weight Loss Program is for people who are ready to lose significant weight - and keep it off!

The LOSE Well 4+ week Weight Loss Program at Hilton Head Health is the most personalized and intensive plan we offer.  Here's what is included:

  • Comprehensive health and fitness assessment
    • Blood lipid profile, glucose, blood pressure, resting heart rate, circumference measurements
    • Strength, cardio, balance, and flexibility assessments
  • Scientifically validated metabolism assessment and nutrition review
  • Weekly weigh-in and one-on-one mentoring
  • 2 and 1/2 hours each day of progressive fitness programming in small groups
  • Nutritious calorie-controlled cuisine
  • Active and Passive physical recovery sessions to keep you moving the entire program
  • Counselor-led workshops and discussions
  • Exclusive educational sessions
  • Private villa or Villa room accommodations
  • 24-hour access to fitness facilities
$700 each week in Resort Credit to use on:

A results-based approach for ALL fitness levels

Every participant in the LOSE Well program undergoes a thorough health and fitness assessment administered by a qualified team of experts.  Soon after, the guest will meet individually with a Mentor to establish their goals, discuss their motivation and plan a course of action.

Each guest is assigned a FIT-level Coach, his or her personal trainer for the 4+ week program.  The FIT-level Coach meets with their team (no more than 6 individuals) on a daily basis for 3 and 1/2 hours of private instruction.   These FIT-level workouts are customized and progressive, no two sessions are alike.


Education and Planning

The LOSE Well Weight Loss Program has its own series of seminars and workshops that prepare you for a complete health plan that addresses motivation, behavior change, nutrition, and fitness planning.  Sessions include:
  • Influences on Behavior- Considering all the moving pieces that influence our behavior is essential to a comprehensive approach to extreme weight loss.

  • Balance Nutrition - Dig a little deeper into what it means to have good nutrition and have a healthy diet plan.  Gain a solid understanding of each component and finish with a small group session on meal planning.

  • Behavior Modification Techniques - Focus on the how-to's and develop your personal strategy as it relates to specific areas of your healthy life.

  • Developing a Fitness Plan - This workshop expands on the strategies in your FIT-level workouts to give you the tools you need to continue your fitness success at home.

A Typical Day


Morning Starter (smoothie, granola, etc.)

FIT-Level Workout


Principles of Living Well Workshop

MetaboMeal Snack

Recovery Fitness (stretching, ice massage, etc.)


Educational Series

FIT-Level Workout

Individual Services or LIVE Well Program

Recreational Activities

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