"The experience here provided me with a re-awakening of the mind, body and spirit. I have never felt more supported and encouraged by both staff and Guests. Beginning of a life change."
- Patti W, Kentucky
The mind body connection is key to understanding weight loss challenges and moving toward a healthy lifestyle. The Hilton Head Health SELF program incorporates stress management, empowerment, longevity and fulfillment principles to help you achieve a healthy mind body balance.

Mind and Body Connection and self-awareness

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Health, wellness and long-term weight loss requires self-awareness and a connection between your mind and body. The open and supportive community here at Hilton Head Health helps nurture self-awareness, and mind and body connection through self-reflection, and group forums on topics such as body image, life transitions and self-discovery. Facilitated by our Health Specialists, these group discussions create an environment of support from other Guests while exploring methods of change for successful diet, weight loss and wellness. Whether through a series of self-revelations during discussion, a connection with another Guest, or an insightful moment while walking on the beach, you will have the opportunity to establish a mind and body connection, and evaluate what truly matters in your life.  

Discussion topics designed to facilitate self-awareness and overall well-being include: 

  • Stress Management
  • Understanding the effects of self-defeating thoughts and behaviors
  • Identifying obstacles to overcome binge, compulsive and emotional eating
Along with participating in group discussions and self-reflection, you will receive a 45-minute consultation with an H3 Health Specialist to review your current health status and habits, as well as establish realistic health goals.

Sample Seminars/Group Forums:

  • Body Image: A negative body image can be a barrier to achieving wellness. Explore how body image is developed and strategies for creating a more positive body image.  
  • Emotional & Stress Eating: Unravel the complexity of emotional stress eating and gain personal insight, which can ultimately help modify unhealthy eating patterns.  This class could be your Ah-Ha moment!  
  • Mastering Motivation: Learn unique motivation strategies as well as suggestions for re-energizing motivation when it seems to stall.  You will also do some personal insight work to get to core motivating factors important to your individual journey.  
  • Food Rules: Do you sometimes feel that your relationship with food manifests like an addiction?  Are you bewildered with how to address the addictive behaviors?  This seminar will help you to identify what food addiction looks like and learn skills for managing the addiction.  Learn how willpower alone is ineffective and how implementing personal rules involving eating behaviors can assist with the management of food addiction.  
  • Gratitude & Health: Gratitude is a skill, that when mastered fully, makes us more spiritually aware.  It provides us interconnectedness with all aspects of life, as well as our well-being, including physical, emotional, spiritual and relational levels.  Part of the virtue of cultivating gratitude is its health benefits.  Join us as we expand our attitude of gratitude.  
  • Mindful Eating: Compulsive overeating and compulsive food behaviors originate in our brains, not our stomachs.  Learning how to get out of your head and become present when we eat is an important factor in sustained weight loss and wellness allows us to enhance our overall serenity.  Learn strategies for becoming mindful eaters and increasing daily peace.