Learn How To Get The Most From Hilton Head Health

Our team cares about your personal weight loss success. So we’ve taken the time to put together some resources you’ll find helpful to use before, during and after your visit to our all-inclusive health resort. Also be sure to visit the FAQ page before arriving at our East Coast island retreat

A Typical Day at the Weight Loss Resort

A Typical Day

Experience H3

Each day at Hilton Head Health includes exciting wellness experiences in nutrition, fitness, and health education.

Why Choose H3?

Why Choose H3?


It’s simple really... 40 years of experience, thousands of successful guests, dedicated experts, and the overall best value in wellness travel. But that’s just the beginning.

Wellness Calculators

Wellness Calculators

Find Out More

Use these tools to calculate your resting metabolic rate and body mass index. The results will help you customize a nutritional plan.

Healthy Recipes

Healthy Recipes

Get Cooking

You’ve eaten our delicious food and now you are ready to make it yourself. Hundreds of our favorite recipes are at your fingertips.

Physical Activity Recommendations

Physical Activity

Get Exercise Recommendations

Not sure where to start? These simple guidelines will make it easier for you to create an exercise plan.


Exercise Plans

Get Moving

We’ve outlined all of Hilton Head Health’s most popular exercise classes. Now there’s no reason why you couldn’t recreate your favorite fitness classes at home.

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