"This was the best gift I could give myself. I am leaving feeling 100% better physically and emotionally- and confident in my continued motivation. Loved it and will return." 
- Mayor Judy Pace, City of Temiskaming Shores, Ontario
The Hilton Head Health weight loss program gets results! Learn more about our program by speaking with a Program Consultant about your individual weight loss goals.

our LOSE WELL weight loss program gets results

Enjoy a relaxing stretch on the beach at sunset. It's the perfect reward for working hard toward your weight loss goal.
Sunset beach stretch
Hilton Head Health was founded in 1976 as a 4-week weight loss spa retreat center - sometimes referred to as a fat farm or fat camp.  Our Healthy Lifestyle program has evolved as the needs of the public and medical knowledge have changed.  While our experience and history remain very strong in the weight loss spa industry, we provide the tools for Guests to make the choices to change their lives.  If you're ready for a change, call 800-292-2440 to speak with a Program Consultant.

The fundamental principle behind everything we do is a belief that individuals must take personal responsibility for their well being, and be willing to invest time and effort to achieve a healthy lifestyle.  Though often coined as a 'fat farm' or 'fat camp', Hilton Head Health's spa experience provides the structure, as well as the flexibility needed to help you achieve long term weight loss success.

As the program continues its evolution away from a fat farm or fat camp structure, you'll encounter much more personalization in the form of unique and interactive activities.  By providing a balance of these hands-on group activities along with one-on-one sessions with our Health Specialists, you will have the opportunity to explore your individual needs and health goals. 

With a combination of experienced Health and Fitness Specialists and our spa resort environment, Hilton Head Health is recognized as the leading destination retreat for weight loss success.