Hilton Head Health’s Weight Loss Programs are Unmatched

Forty years ago when Hilton Head Health (H3) began as one of the only weight loss spas on the east coast, we were pioneering the industry for then called fat farms or weight loss camps. But we’ve always been so much more. From the day we were founded, H3 has always operated under the philosophy that true health is a combination and balance between physical activity, quality nutrition, and the mind-­‐body connection that channels stress, anxiety, and depression in a way that’s healthy. The journey to successful weight management is not about burning as many calories as you can and eating as little as possible to net the greatest results. And it is not the same journey for every person. The greatest results are born from that little burning light inside of you that stays aglow through motivation, frequent small successes, and a belief in a better and healthier way of life. See why H3’s individualized weight loss programs yield great results.

Voted “Best for Weight Loss” for the past 5 Years by SpaFinder Wellness


JumpStart Program


Jump Start Your Weight Loss with a Live In Experience that Allows you to look at your habits in a new light.

Join us for JumpStart for a week or more and leave with a weight loss strategy for success. The assessments, small group training, and comprehensive approach make this program a launching pad for successful weight change.

LoseWell4 Program


H3’s immersive LoseWell4 program brings hope to what can feel like an un-winnable battle

If you’ve had chronic issues with weight, make the commitment today and join our intensive 4+ week program at our top weight loss resort for your long-deserved answer to sustainable weight loss. The emotional and social support, combined with experts planning your diet and exercise, create a collaborative approach to weight loss you have not yet tried.

Special Events


We have a powerful speaker series, featuring some truly extraordinary world-renowned experts. We've invited our Speakers to share their wisdom through stories of change and adversity - designed to inspire you for the challenges that you take on in your own life.

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