We’ve Spent 4 Decades Perfecting This Extreme Weight Loss Program.

Over the years, thousands of our guests have quite literally transformed their bodies and their health at H3. More importantly, they've learned habits that help them stay fit and healthy for a lifetime. But for some people, the challenge requires a more intensive focus. If you've tried and failed with losing weight, there is finally a program designed just for you. Our new Lose Well Immersive Program teaches behavior change grounded in personal accountability, and provides the structure and support you need to lose significant weight – and keep it off.

Lose Well requires a minimum 4-week commitment. It's an investment that can change your life as you learn and practice healthy eating and exercise behaviors until they become habit. A personal fitness coach and wellness counselor will be by your side every step of the way to keep you on the path to mental strength, self-confidence and motivation.

Here's what's included in Lose Well 4:

  • Functional Movement Screening (pre and post)
  • Fitness Assessment (Muscular strength, muscular endurance, flexibility, and cardio-respiratory)
  • 3x/week recovery therapies (myo-fascial rolling and cold therapy, PNF stretching and heat therapy, Pilates reformer for flexibility)
  • 45-minute Consultation with Health Educator
  • 2 cognitive/behavioral consultations with Wellness Counselor
  • Health Screening (pre and post evaluation of resting heart rate, resting blood pressure, fasting glucose, HDL, LDL, total cholesterol, triglycerides)
  • Weekly weigh-in and body measurements
  • Weekly progress review with Fitness Coach
  • Resting Metabolism Assessment
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Lose Well 4 Private Sessions at Hilton Head Health
  • 2x/day Small-group fitness training (maximum 8 guests)
  • 1x/week Recipe Makeover in Healthy Kitchen
  • 1x/week cooking demonstration in Healthy Kitchen
  • 2x/week group counseling with Wellness Counselor
  • Lose Well Immersive Lecture Series
    • The Mindset
    • Balanced Nutrition
    • Influences on Behavior
    • Developing a Fitness Plan
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Lose Well 4 Small Group Sessions at Hilton Head Health

Guests enjoy a meal plan with delicious flavors and realistic portions. Our experienced Chef and Culinary Team have created a low-calorie, healthy gourmet cuisine with an emphasis on local and natural ingredients to ensure a well-balanced diet.

Hilton Head Health Breakfast
Hilton Head Health Lunch
Hilton Head Health Dinner
7:00 am Morning Starter Energy/Protein Snack
7:30-9 am Small Group Fitness Training
9:45 am Lose Well Immersive Lecture Series
11 am Private Recovery Session
12:30 pm Lunch
1:30 pm Group or Individual Counseling Session
2:30 pm Small Group Fitness Training
3:30 pm Fit Bite
4 pm Hands on Cooking Class
6 pm Dinner
7 pm Special Events and Entertainment
Supplemental Offerings

You'll have access to additional fitness, recreation and education options outside of your LOSE WELL 4 track. Most activities, like exercise classes and education seminars, are no additional charge. Other sessions, like Indigo Spa services and outdoor excursions, are eligible for resort credit use.
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Villa Accommodations - All the comforts of home and close to our main facility.

Lose Well 4 guests are strongly encouraged to stay in our shared villa accommodations. This promotes camaraderie, support and accountability within the group - requisites for a highly successful weight loss program. Our Villas are nestled around picturesque lagoons only a few hundred yards from the main H3 facility. The home-like setting has a private bedroom and bathroom while sharing living areas with a friend or another guest of the same gender.  Click Here to learn more about our Villas.

  • Close proximity to H3 facilities
  • 1200 sq ft 2 BR / 2 BA condominium
  • Kitchen, dining room, washer/dryer
  • Private bedroom and bathroom
  • Private back porch with view
  • Twice weekly housekeeping service