"The workshop made me take an honest look at myself and address my health issues."
- Sherry S, Illinois
food addiction recovery workshop

hilton Head Health 2015 special events/workshops

InSPArational Series - Monthly 2015 Events

To inspire. To heal. To transform. That’s what The Indigo, our new spa, is all about, and that is the theme of this powerful series, featuring some truly extraordinary world-renowned Speakers. We will kick off 2015 by celebrating the Grand Opening of Hilton Head Health’s new spa, The Indigo. To help us do that, we’ve invited our Speakers to share their wisdom through stories of change and adversity—designed to inspire you for the challenges that you take on in your own life.

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Dates: Dr. Romila "Romie" Mushtaq May 29-30

Lessons in Loss and Living Workshop - May 11th-16th

Usually when we think about loss or grief, we think about the loss of a precious loved one. However, there are many kinds of losses in this life including:

  • Coping with chronic illness or ongoing health challenges
  • Transitioning to a new phase of life due to divorce, empty nest, retirement, unemployment, and even simply adjusting to growing older.
  • Relocation and moving away from friends, loved ones
  • Becoming a caregiver to a previously healthy partner
Join Dr. Michele Reiss for an inspiring series of workshops that allow us to recognize and cope with any losses in our lives while continuing to grow, to take care of ourselves and ultimately live well.

The workshop’s price includes all five small-group sessions with Dr. Reiss as well as a signed copy of her book, Lessons In Loss and Living, and a personal journal for your own reflections. Total participants limited to 16. Workshop fees are in addition to the weekly LIVE and LOSE Well programs.  Click here to learn more.

Michele Reiss, PHD, RN, CS is a world-renowned expert on the psychological effects of grief. She was publicly recognized as the psychotherapist working with Dr. Randy Pausch, a CMU professor diagnosed with pancreatic cancer who received much media attention due to the enthusiastic optimism he demonstrated in the face of a terminal illness. Dr. Pausch's lecture and television appearances have hopefully served to inspire others to live fully and well in spite of significant adversity. Dr. Reiss has written a book, entitled Lessons in Loss and Living, based on her years of work with those facing serious illness or acute grief. She has presented nationally and locally on such topics as Grief and Bereavement, The Physician's Role in Terminal Care and The Psychological Aspects of Cancer Survival.

Magic Show and Dinner - May 22nd

Join “South Carolina Magician of the Year,” Gary Maurer, and Healthy Kitchen Chef, Karla Williams, to celebrate a couple of America’s favorite pastimes, Summer Cookouts and Magic Shows. Chef Karla’s menu will put any hotdog or hamburger to shame, so bring your appetite and be prepared for an evening for good food, witty conversation, and spellbinding entertainment. Price: $125 pp


  • Watermelon Salad – arugula, red onion and feta cheese drizzled with aged balsamic vinegar (60 Calories)
  • BBQ Pork Sliders - Topped with house made coleslaw and served on a Whole Wheat Bun (205 Calories)
  • Medley of Grilled Vegetables (50 Calories)
  • House-made S’more – Classic graham cracker, chocolate and toasted marshmallow cookie (160 Calories)