Named The Best Wellness Resort on the East Coast by USA Today

Hilton Head Health has been leading the way in a holistic approach to health and wellness for 40 years. If you are passionate about living a healthy lifestyle, H3’s wellness programs provide the perfect wellness retreat that delivers more than a break from everyday life. Our health and fitness retreat will give you a new perspective on creating the change you desire for the perfect balance in everyday living. The programs are filled with a variety of fitness activities, health education, cooking classes, mindfulness training, and island recreation activities to choose from. Access to the Indigo Spa and other professional services like meal planning consultations, personal training and more allow you to refine your healthy vacation to meet your individual needs. Our health professionals will help you define your goals, whether it be weight loss, a new fitness challenge, or healthy eating… and you will walk away with the mindset for success.


LivingWell Program


Live and Breathe Wellness During A 7+ Day Healthy Vacation

For those inspired to live healthy, LivingWell provides the best blend of healthy food, fitness options, and wellness education to create the perfect healthy vacation for you. Check-in any day and stay a minimum of seven nights for this comprehensive wellness experience.

Healthy Getaway


Come To Our Island For a Long Weekend of Healthy Food, Fitness, And Spa

Our bite-size package for living well, H3’s Healthy Getaway is a minimum three-day wellness retreat with just the right amount of beach, fitness, and ahh to get you through to your next exciting endeavor.

Special Events

Specialty Wellness Workshops & Guets Speakers Can Compliment Your Stay

We have a powerful speaker series, featuring some truly extraordinary world-renowned experts. We've invited our Speakers to share their wisdom through stories of change and adversity - designed to inspire you for the challenges that you take on in your own life.

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