What to Expect from our health and weight loss programs

A Typical Day at Our Health and Weight Loss Spa

Sunrise Beach Walk
At Hilton Head Health wellness retreat and weight loss spa, a typical day provides so many options for weight loss, healthy eating and enjoyable exercise. Our Health Specialists and Fitness Instructors provide structure, as well as the flexibility you need to be successful in achieving your health and weight loss goals. Read more…

Sample Healthy Weight Loss Menu

Asparagus Stuffed Chicken with Sweet Potato Mash
At Hilton Head Health, Guests enjoy a meal plan with delicious flavors and realistic portions. Our experienced Chef and Culinary Team have created a low-calorie, healthy gourmet cuisine with an emphasis on local and natural ingredients to ensure a well-balanced weight loss diet. In addition, we offer a variety of healthy cooking classes to equip you for the transition back home.

Our 1200-1600 calorie/day meal plan is based on the guidelines from the American Heart Association, American Cancer Society and American Diabetes Association. We are able to accommodate most dietary needs. Read more…

Health Resort and Weight Loss Spa Pictures - Photo Tour

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Weight Loss and Wellness Stories - Guest Testimonials

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When I arrived at H3 I was physically and mentally defeated. I could not intellectually figure out how to begin to fix years of physical and mental neglect… Today I am like a new woman – maybe I was re-born at H3 because when I was there I felt like a child again, smiling joyfully as I tried new things – pushing myself while learning to have fun being active and physically exerting myself! My goal for the future is to continue to lose weight – I would like to lose another 20-25 pounds which I know I can do – yes I can, to get off blood pressure meds, to continue to enjoy exercise and activity and not let food be the enemy anymore. To share a healthy future with my husband – my team mate, my best friend. Read more…

Hilton Head Health - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Still have unanswered questions? Click here to read our most frequently asked questions.

After Your Stay - Continuing Your Weight Loss Success

Preparing for your continued success at home
Our program is designed so you can take the knowledge and tools learned during your stay and apply them to real world life and situations. Click here to read about the various tools and resources for continuing your healthy lifestyle, after your visit to Hilton Head Health is over.