Fitness Friday: H3 4th of July Ab Routine
April 2, 2016
The Indigo Spa at Hilton Head Health
April 2, 2016
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3 Moves for Killer Legs & Glute

View H3s short video on scalping your legs and glute's!

At Hilton Head Health, we offer over 50 different fitness classes to help our Guests achieve their weight loss and wellness goals, and live a healthier lifestyle. One thing that we like to remind our Guests of is that you don’t need expensive equipment to get a good workout. Today we’re going featuring 3 simple moves that make a great leg and glute workout!

1. Squat and Lift

2. Curtsy – Side Lunge

3. Fingertap

We hope that you enjoy this leg and glute workout! What’s your favorite move?