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April 2, 2016
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April 2, 2016
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A day in the life of an Intern at H3

Hello, H3Daily Readers! Thank you for welcoming me to the H3Daily blog!

Hello, H3Daily Readers! Thank you for welcoming me to the H3Daily blog!  My name is Adelie, I am majoring in Health Fitness and I’m finishing up my senior year at East Carolina University.  I start off every morning pedaling my beach cruiser to H3, along the way passing under palmetto trees and spanish moss, eager to start the day.  Depending on our weekly scheduled rotation I begin by either walking with guests on the beach, screening incoming new guests, or speed walking my way to the infamous eye-opener oatmeal at breakfast. The beach walks in the morning are an incredible way to start the day.  The guests walk at their own pace – from slipping their shoes off and walking down to where the waves tease the shore, to double-knotting their laces and booking it up the coast.  No matter the speed, I do my best to chat with all the guests and get to know a little about them as we watch the sun rise.  After just an hour spent with them, I am already excited to help each one reach their goals during their stay here.  The guests contributed to making my experience as an intern unforgettable.

As interns, we have various responsibilities to accomplish each day.  Typical intern duties like cleaning Ultracircuit sweat droplets off of the equipment or wiping down yoga mats, for the most part these tasks are actually pretty fun and enjoyable.  I find myself always leaving work with a smile and fulfilled heart.  Sometimes the day passes so quickly I end up working overtime and don’t even realize it.  One of my favorite experiences here so thus far was taking guests paddle boarding in Shelter Cove. While we were out on the water we spotted two dolphins about 40 feet from us.  A baby dolphin was uncoordinatedly flipping around until the mother linked up to the tiny dolphin’s side and was teaching it how to efficiently and gracefully come up for air.  The outdoor attractions on Hilton Head Island are incredible, but the H3 institute is just as abundant with health and fitness classes.  Back at the office we are fortunate enough to work with and learn from the H3 employees.  Those of you who have been here before know, there is no staff like H3 staff.  H3 is a positive atmosphere because the employees are energetic and truly happy to be there.  The holistic approach the institute provides is not only beneficial to the guests, but for interns as well.  We will leave this internship with far more than we expected.