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April 2, 2016
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April 2, 2016
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Top 3 Picks

What are the top 3 things Hilton Head Health provides their guests to help them achieve success?

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I was recently asked a question… “What are the top 3 things Hilton Head Health provides their guests to help them achieve success?”  After answering the question, I think one answer simply doesn’t do it justice.  Because our lifestyles are different, the way we posture ourselves for success may also be different than the person next to us.  So today I’d like to share my answer; the top 3 things Hilton Head Health provides our guests.  I’d like you to answer back!  What are your Top 3 Picks?

1)      A taste of healthy living.  A little more than test-driving a car, but in affect, H3 lets you get a sense of what it’s like to live with healthy habits.  It not only makes you a believer, it creates a achiever through real life practice.

2)      An environment of support unmatched.  While I am including the staff (from housekeeping to the servers to our trainers and program staff), they are only a part of the support provided at H3.  Each week we have a group of new guests join those returning to the program – a perfect blend for motivation, encouragement, inspiration, and yes, even fun!

3)      A view above the trees.  I know, it sounds crazy if you’ve ever been to Hilton Head (so many trees!), but seriously… Life can get so busy, so important, so fast, so essential that we forget about the basic needs that are necessary to be both efficient and enjoy that life we’re living.  H3 gets you out of the grind and reminds you what healthy living can feel like.  When you take time to move your body, you take time to actually eat a meal during the day, and you even take time to let someone else be the expert and allow yourself to be student.  H3 gets you out of the branches so you can see where you are going again.

What were your Top 3 Picks from your visit at Hilton Head Health?  Comment here to share, or join our conversation on Facebook.