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Breaking a Bad Habit
November 2, 2016
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HALT!: A Tool to Curb Emotional Eating
November 9, 2016

At Hilton Head Health, we focus on individualizing each guests’ workout based on their individual skills and capabilities. That is why exercise testing is one of the most important elements of our programs. When someone has gone through the proper tests, they have a better understanding of where they are physically and how far they can go in an exercise program without injuring themselves.  

There are many exercise tests out there that can determine an individual’s capacity for exercise. A couple examples of these tests include the VO2 Submax Test and the Sit-and-reach test. 


VO2 Submax Test:

Fitness Programmer and Wellness Coach, David Chesworth tests multiple guests each week to assure they are getting the most out of their workouts without injuring themselves. One of the tests he does is the VO2 Submax. “The VO2 Submax test is a standardized test that can be used to calculate cardio-respiratory fitness levels. It gives us a guesstimate on how well the body delivers oxygen to the working muscles,” said David. Simply put, it allows usVO2 Submax Test to quantify how energetic a person could feel. VO2 is something that increases as cardiovascular fitness increases. As this increases, the more productive and alive a person could feel. In most people, the common numbers for a Vo2 Submax test are between 30 and 60. 


Sit-and-Reach Test: 

The Sit-and-Reach test is a standardized test that is used to measure a combination of back and hamstring flexibility. Increased flexibility correlates strongly with reduced risk of pain/injury as well as increased physical independence. Tightness in hamstrings and lower back are one of the number one causes of injury and future pain, this test is essential to determine a guests’ baseline flexibility to create an exercise plan to avoid future injury and pain. 

Sit and Reach TestSit and Reach Test









Once the tests are complete,  the fitness instructor can put together a workout plan that will improve flexibilty and vo2 max numbers in a safe and effective way. To learn more about the exercise plans and programs at Hilton Head Health go here