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February 13, 2017
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February 15, 2017
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H3ALTH Talk Season 2: Self Care with Karen Varechia

H3 Yoga Instructor Karen VarechiaKaren Varechia started at Hilton Head Health almost 25 years ago as an aerobic instructor. As time progressed Karen, fell in love with Yoga. She expanded her passion and knowledge with Yoga with Hilton Head Health and now teaches a variety of yoga classes at H3. 


Karen enjoys teaching Thai Yoga because it allows the guests to enjoy the benefits of yoga in a relaxing way without worrying about whether they are doing it right. The philosophy of Thai yoga is that it is just as good as the giver as it is for the receiver. 


“Yoga in itself is self-care.” says Karen. Guests get the opportunity to experience different yoga techniques and practices while at H3 and they are given the tools they need to continue their own practice at home. Yoga decreases your chance of getting injured. Self-care can be coming to H3 and taking a class but then taking it home and doing it every day like a daily ritual/ healthy habit. 


Karen goes into more details on the proven research of the benefits of yoga and will lead you through breathing practices and mini-meditation sessions. 


Show yourself some tender love and self-care and listen to the full podcast here: