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November 30, 2017
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November 30, 2017
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Unwise, Better, Best: Holiday Desserts

Desserts throughout the holiday season can be tricky to navigate, so being mindful of your sweets will go a long way.

Desserts throughout the holiday season can be tricky to navigate especially if you are being mindful of your health and managing your weight. These holiday treats are available for, it seems, weeks on end. Below are unwise, better, best choices for holiday indulgences.


Unwise: Having a full plate of desserts or grazing on sweets all day. Desserts can be enticing especially if there are more than two options to choose from. Make a plan ahead of time on desserts you would most enjoy and choose a time to eat them; for example only after dinner or with your coffee.


Better: Portioning your dessert option so that you can get a taste for the holidays without a heavy calorie intake. Choose your favorite holiday treat and have a sliver or manage the number of pieces you have whether it’s cookies or candies. Look for treats that have some nutrition quality to it like oats, or fresh fruit parfaits or trifles, or dark chocolate.


Best: Fresh fruit salads, a cup of peppermint tea, or a holiday trail mix. Of course, these make the top of the list of best options! Fruit is nature’s candy. In season fruits include citrus and pomegranate. Go ahead and indulge in these, and although trail mix may have a higher caloric value, you will get fiber and nutrition qualities you would not have gotten with other options.


The holiday season is dessert season. If you can make a few better/best choices that don’t compromise the holiday spirit and would make you feel accomplished then go for it! Enjoy this time to celebrate family. So unwise, better, best your desserts to help better manage your health this holiday season.