About Hilton Head Health

Over 40 Years of Innovation Puts
Hilton Head Health In A Class of Its Own

Our East Coast location on Hilton Head Island in South Carolina isn’t the only thing that sets Hilton Head Health (H3) apart. Since 1976 our world-renowned resort has helped thousands of guests lose weight and stay healthy with custom fitness plans, nutritional workshops, and gourmet cuisine. Our unique all-inclusive weight loss resort and wellness spa caters to adults and has been recognized and awarded by Travel + Leisure, Conde Nast, Women’s Health, Shape, Spa and Health Magazines and others as a premier destination for healthy weight loss. Add your name to our long list of happy guests.

Discover why our 40-year legacy and vast knowledge of clinical health and wellness will make a difference in your weight loss and wellness journey. Our holistic approach is medically based, but follows our founding principles of improving nutrition and fitness by overcoming mental and physical challenges. We believe this is the key to our lasting success and your life long wellness.

Meet the team of Hilton Head Health professionals who will support you during your stay. From personal trainers and gourmet chefs to professional nutritionists and massage therapists our staff is an important part of what separates H3 from other wellness resorts. Each person is fully committed to guiding you step-by-step towards reaching your weight loss and wellness goals. Many have moved to our East Coast Island because they are personally motivated to help to change people’s lives for the better.

See what others have said about our unique East Coast Island retreat. For more than forty years, Hilton Head Health has been recognized as a leading all-inclusive weight loss resort and wellness spa. Learn more about what USA Today, MSN Travel, Trip Advisor, Spafinder, the Today Show and more have to say about H3.

Our guests love their experience at Hilton Head Health and are excited to share their stories of transformation with you. Get a first-hand understanding of the weight loss and wellness program that started at Hilton Head Health and learn how our guests have attained tools and knowledge for lasting success.

Are you ready for lasting change?

The need to lose weight can be a temporary inconvenience for some or a matter of life or death for others. Being overweight and not living a healthy lifestyle can impact self-esteem, relationships, even earning power, and can be a contributing factor to a host of other health issues negatively impacting the way you age.

If you have a weight problem or struggle with staying healthy, you know this all too well. You may be embarrassed or self-conscious. You may feel tired or sick a lot of the time. You may have lost weight dozens of times throughout your life, only to gain it back during periods of stress or illness, over the holidays or after the birth of a child. Maybe you have been on a roller coaster ride of periods where you are eating healthy and exercising only to return to old unhealthy habits.

The professionals at Hilton Head Health are passionate about helping you get to the source of your weight problem or inconsistent wellness issues and achieve the healthy lifestyle you desire. We'll teach you how to eat, exercise and live in a way that maximizes your chances of getting to your desired weight, fitness, wellness and longevity goals.