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For more than forty years, Hilton Head Health has been recognized as one of the nation's leading weight loss and wellness resorts, and we are often featured in the news for our long-term successful approach to healthy, sustainable weight loss and wellness destination getaways and retreats. People love us for more than our beautiful East Coast Island location. We get real results through our comprehensive weight loss programs.


Today Show

Featured on the Today Show and named "Top 5 US Health Spas" by Lisa Drayer.

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H3 was featured in A&E’s weight loss docudrama HEAVY, an in-depth look at the personal struggles, triumphs and transformations of individuals struggling with obesity.

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Wellness Tourism Association

Wellness tourism represents about 6% of all domestic and international trips. We are partners with the Wellness Tourism Association to support the growth and development of our industry.


Over the years, Hilton Head Health has been named Best Health and Wellness Resort, Best for Weight Loss, Best for Affordability, Best Nutrition Program, Best for Going Solo, Best for Men, Best Healthy Spa Cuisine, and Best Beach Spa


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