Director of Behavioral Health

Erin has over 20 years of experience in the health and wellness industry and is passionate about helping people to empower themselves in body and mind. Erin started her career in the fitness industry after earning her bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology and operated a fitness consulting business in Louisville, Colorado fostering a Health at Every Size® approach. During this time, she also co-directed a non-profit youth empowerment program aimed at weight stigma awareness and eating disorder prevention. This work motivated her to earn her master’s degree in Counseling Psychology and she operated a private counseling practice specializing in health psychology related to women’s issues. In 2013 she entered leadership roles in the residential health retreat industry and hasn’t looked back.

At H3, Erin provides individual wellness counseling for our guests and teaches a wide variety of classes and workshops ranging from mindfulness and stress management to improving relationship with food and healing body image. Erin also leads H3’s LoseWell behavioral program to help guests find a balance between the sense of urgency that often comes with weight loss goals and the overall need for sustainable self-care. Her presentations and counseling approach are often described by guests as compassionate, insightful and inspiring.