Fitness Instructor

Gretchen’s mantra is “you’ve got to move to keep moving.” She firmly believes that you need to love what you do so you will keep on doing it! For example, find activities that excite you and make you feel good, and then keep moving! A native of the Washington, DC area, Gretchen moved to Hilton Head in 2005 and started teaching fitness at H3 in 2009. She loves teaching at H3 mainly because of the guests, so many of whom return over the years. It is such a positive environment, everyone at H3 is motivated to do better, be healthier.

She is a certified Personal Trainer (Aerobics and Fitness Association of America), a Group Exercise Instructor (American Fitness Training of Athletics), a certified Burn at the Barre instructor and Aerobic Dance Clinician. She holds water certifications from WaterArt, NETA and AEA in different disciplines including arthritis, sports conditioning, and shallow and deep water workouts.

Her background is in dance, so she enjoys teaching Retro Dance and Barre, but her #1 teaching love is WATER fitness. She feels that water is the gym of the future.  It is therapeutic for all and water workouts are low or non-impact so they are safe for all fitness levels.

We are not anti-aging – we are pro-aging, gracefully and healthfully. See you in the pool!