Director of Strategic Partnerships & Specialty Programs

Working in the field of health and wellness for over twenty years, Lisette Cifaldi has helped thousands of people heal and transform their lives. She is a compassionate and inspiring therapist, coach, educator, empowerment specialist and motivational speaker. As a recovering food addict maintaining a 60-pound weight loss for over twelve years, Lisette is passionate about helping others overcome their struggle with compulsive eating, emotional eating, yo-yo dieting and negative body image. Earning her undergraduate degree in Psychology, a Masters in Social Work and having received extensive training at the Harvard Mind/Body Medical Institute, prepared Lisette for an amazing career path which included a position as the Director of Behavioral Health for Hilton Head Health. Most recently, Lisette started her own business, Eating Sanity, LLC, which specializes in food addiction recovery coaching, advocacy and education. Lisette has two incredible daughters, Gabrielle and Delany, and two beloved dogs, Walter and Lucky.