Fitness Coach

Matthew Paul Barrack is your Marine of fitness. He joined Hilton Head Health in June 2016 as a Fitness Coach. Matt began his career in the United States Marine Corps as a Private First Class. He was deployed with the Fleet Anti-Terrorism Security Team to protect high-level VIPs. After leaving the military, Matt received his AFAA Certification for Personal Training and became a certified Russian Kettlebell instructor. In addition, Matt carries a Functional Movement System Level 1 Certification. His personal mantra is “Be strong to be useful.” His desire to assist others is what makes Matt an ideal coach for guests seeking to improve their functional fitness. He works closely with guests in our JumpStart program helping them each day to improve their movement. For more than a decade Matt has followed his passion and is now an integral part of the H3 team.

Join Matt in one of our H3 fitness classes or in a personal training session.

Kettlebell Demonstration