Ann Basta first came to Hilton Head Health in 2011. During her first stay, she focused on “How do I Look and my appearance? I want to look better. What are the pounds on the scale?” And while that worked, she didn’t make the mental changes necessary to commit to the new habits and long term success.

Reflecting back, she felt it was because she didn’t utilize H3 to its full capacity. She came in with her own set of rules and didn’t plan for her return home, beyond not eating and doing whatever it took for the numbers to keep going down. She felt guilty about that and she knew there was only one place for her to get in a better place in her wellness journey.

When Ann returned in 2016, she “submitted” herself to the LoseWell4 program, but more so she was mentally prepared through therapy that addressed, “Why am I eating this? Why don’t I want to be healthy?” and she focused on the physical changes. She also realized that she had it backwards; controlling food wasn’t a punishment to herself, but she was actually punishing herself by not valuing her health and body. This shift led to healthier Ann that just happened to also lose over 120 lbs.

Listen to her story to learn why Ann didn’t look at the scale for the first two weeks of her second stay and why she emphatically says, “This is not a diet, this is how everyone should be living because our body needs certain nutrition every day.” And learn how she overcame the burning question of “What if this stops working?”