“From the moment I arrived at H3 I felt welcomed.”

My experience at Hilton Head Health was nothing short of what I expected; and I had high expectations given the reputation of H3.

During the summer of 2012, my husband Randy Wood spent five weeks at H3 and lost nearly 30 pounds.  The physical transformation was impressive.  He came home glowing.  Upon wrapping up his time there, he called and asked me “So what two weeks work for you?”  It wasn’t an order, but a passionate and enthusiastic request because we both struggle with our weight.  April 2013 was chosen.

I spent the next six months changing nothing and gaining more weight.  By February 2013 I had hit the wall.  I saw a number on the scale that just did me in.  At that point something mentally clicked for me.  I immediately cut out all the garbage and sweets.  I had no desire for them anymore.  I started a meager work out two days a week.  It didn’t last very long as my heart wasn’t into the exercise.  However the elimination of the bad foods continued.  

April finally got here and I knew that the next two weeks were going to be about me and my health.  H3 was the jumpstart I was craving and I was ready to make a change.  I was tired of being tired.

From the moment I arrived at H3 I felt welcomed.  I fit in and there was no stigma about a number on the scale or the size of my clothes.  The guests at H3 are like-minded and the staff embraced every one of us for who we were: people on a mission to make positive changes in our lives.  

I arrived and met the staff and my (awesome) roommate and I felt like I belonged.  I realized that after my initial weigh-in, I had already dropped 7 pounds since I had changed my diet in early February.  I was already off to a great start.

The schedule can be a little daunting at first; kind of like being a freshman on the first day of school! But you quickly learn to pick the classes and lectures that mean something to you.  The tough part of course is realizing that they all mean something, but with a 2-week stay, I had time to pick and choose.  

You quickly learned who the veterans and long-timers are as they were immediately into the groove and just had a wisdom about them.  They had a lot to offer.  Friendships were made quickly…and are ones that will serve us well long after we have left H3 for our own realities.

In 10 days I lost a little over 7 pounds.  Given the gourmet quality of the food we were served, this was really exciting.  Dieting didn’t mean boring and bland food.  It meant food that is colorful and full of flavor!  At 13 days I was down 9 pounds.  The drive home to Vermont was a long one but I made smart choices about the food I ate and at 15 days…I was down 10 pounds.  

The transformation was amazing for me.  I feel great, my fat clothes are getting baggy and mostly…I have energy.  I am equipped with notes from lectures and the knowledge that we all will stumble…we are human after all.  As someone said, “Weight loss isn’t hard. Losing weight is.”  It’s a rule of in and out.  Less calories in, more calories out.  

I purchased my Fitbit One at H3 and I wear it every day.  It has become the subtle little voice of H3 to just keep moving, because doing something is better than doing nothing.  

I arrived home knowing that Randy and I will make regular treks to H3. It is that course-adjustment we sometimes need in life. I look forward to returning as a veteran. Most of all, I look forward to interacting with the staff of H3 and their enthusiasm for a healthy life and the absolute desire to help us get there.