Hilton Head Health Testimonial

“I quickly realized that we all shared the same goals.”

Flying back to New Jersey from Kansas, I was reading a magazine and came across an article on the best places to jumpstart your weight loss program.  Up to that point, I had tried every weight loss program but continued to be on the weight loss roll-a-coaster and I was unfit, over weight and very unhappy.  In other words, I needed help and Hilton Head Health (H3) seemed like it was just the ticket. 

In making the decision to visit H3, I had to overcome my fear of exercising with other people.  Exercise classes were not my cup of tea, but group exercise was far less scary than living with diabetes for the rest of my life. 

To my relief, the staff and clients were non-judgmental and I quickly realized that we all shared the same goals, strengths and weaknesses—making yoga classes not as terrifying as I feared.  I had two wonderful roommates and by the end of our two-week stay, the new guests thought we were sisters. 

I was amazed that after just two weeks, my cholesterol and blood sugar readings were in the healthy ranges – I am convinced it was all thanks to the “H3 Eye Opener Oatmeal.” 

Upon returning home, Bob Wright’s messages about being committed to making a change, “if nothing changes, nothing changes,” and making “unwise, better or best” choices have helped me navigate the challenges of over-working and emotional eating. 

My biggest challenge was keeping up with strength training at home but I found a class at my gym that helped me to stay motivated. In addition, I hired a trainer in Princeton too so I can continue working on the Pilates Reformer.  I never would have thought that I, being afraid of group fitness before attending H3, would now not only feel comfortable in group fitness classes but would enjoy them so much that they have become an intricate part of my new healthy way of life.

Best of all, I love returning to my new home at H3 and am looking forward to my fifth visit in the near future.