“Appreciate the journey and look at the small victories and write them down.”

Betty Harmon hit rock bottom when she fell entering the hospital on her way to visit her dying mother. She broke her arm and It took three people to help her get up. In that moment she realized she was heavy and no longer mobile.

In reflecting on where she was in life, she noticed how much more energy it took to be overweight than it does to lose the weight and that’s when she took the initiative to change her story. She made the decision to come to Hilton Head Health in January and refocused her energy on the positive aspects of making a healthy change.

From the beginning, Betty was determined and planned for her success. She started her journey a week early in LivingWell so that she could get a feel for the campus, staff, and schedules. Her very first day, she attended David Chesworth’s ABC’s of Moving Well lecture and upon learning about the value of good posture, she sought David out to help with her mobility. Within 4 or 5 days, she was walking better! That was just the beginning of her journey, as the next week she joined the LoseWell4 program.

“It all helps when you come home,” but “you have to have a plan,” Betty says. She had a meal plan with grocery list; set up an appointment with a nutritionist, who she meets with bi-weekly; bought 9″ plates; joined a pool for swimming; and secured two trainers, a “Drill Sargeant,” as well as a yoga and pilates instructor who she sees three days a week. These provided the local support she needed, in addition to the cooking and nutrition support she received at H3. 

When hitting a plateau in her journey, Betty reflected back on a teaching from Bob where he said, “What are you willing to do to lose this weight?” She then decided to step up her fitness plan to six days a week because she was willing to do just about anything.

The biggest takeaway for Betty is appreciating the journey and looking at the small victories. Moving, working out an extra 10 minutes, or simply doing something you couldn’t do before. Most of all, make sure you write your successes down so that you can reflect back at all the positive changes you’ve made on your wellness journey.