“The greatest part for me is having others ask me for help and guidance.”

We often ask guests, “What makes this important to you?” Lyle, unwavering said, “This is for my kids, my wife, not to wear a seatbelt extender on an airplane; this is so I can change my life and then be compassionate towards others.” To narrow down the motivators and the vision is the first step, but would he translate this over? Here is Lyle’s story…

Lyle Orr checked into Hilton Head Health in late April and stayed for the entire month. During his program, Lyle was a ball of energy that spurred everyone to push harder and motivated everyone alike in our patented Hilton Head Health Treading Class. His yips and yells could spook even the most fearless, but the fight and motivation he showed during his H3 journey was rare and infectious. Day in and day out, Lyle would come into every fitness class and lifestyle lecture ready to work, ready to commit to a new way of living. After successfully losing 23 pounds and 8 inches there was no stopping Lyle, he signed up for the H3@Home Coaching.

To be honest, I wasn’t quite sure how he was going to do it. Leading a busy work life, caring for two kids, DJing on the weekends, finding time to spend with his wife Jess—oh, and knowing he’d be flying to Fort Lauderdale every week, how was he going to make this work? Well he did and below are only a few of the incredible strategies he came up with, dating all the way back to his first day outside the H3 bubble.

1. The Breakfast Whack!

½ Cup Fiber One Honey Crunch, ½ Cup 1% cottage cheese, ½ Plain yogurt (add Splenda, vanilla extract) and top with cut blueberries, strawberries, or blackberries. This is Lyle’s go-to breakfast and its spread like wildfire—his family and co-workers can’t get enough.

2. Unwise, Better, BEST—how he wants it

During meals on the plane or in business meetings, Lyle shoots to make the BEST choice he can and the fact is he doesn’t settle. I remember one meeting, Lyle was in the thick of things and ran out of metabo meals. At first chance, he jumped out the hotel door for a healthy option from Subway. He orders the salad dressings on the side, lets the servers leave the butter off, and tells them exactly what he wants.

3. Established the Fitness

Whether Lyle’s in Fort Lauderdale or back home in Wisconsin, he has a plan in place for his fitness. After first feeling things out in Florida, he joined a cardio boxing studio (where he says the instructors are not nearly as hard as Karla or Amber!). He purchased a bike to keep while he’s down there on business. At home he has Jess and the kids to go bike riding with and he’ll often hit the tennis court with his daughter.

4. Dances while he DJs

Even with being away so much, Lyle often DJs back home on the side. With few healthy options for food, he’ll pack and plan ahead of time for each event. He even makes sure to give up the mic now and then and hit the dance floor during his gigs. He’s a new and improved Orracle!

5. Became a Role Model

This is a not a strategy, but someone who he’s become. With all his bouncing around, not everyone sees Lyle on a weekly basis. As co-workers and family have seen his changes, he’s constantly telling them about everything he knows. He’s become an expert on creating a lifestyle and others are taking notice because of his energy and openness. In his home town they are starting a health initiative, which Lyle plans to be a part of. Moreover, his company has assigned him the leadership role in developing a new corporate wellness program.

This is only a glimpse of the strategies Lyle created, but this serves as a key example of making lifestyle changes sustainable, no matter the work schedule. Lyle is now down an entire “Century” of weight-loss and it’s all due to the fact that the weight has followed his behaviors.