“You breathe in new life and become a better you.”

The Light Bulb

A dear friend of mine told me, “Excuses are only good for the person who gives them.”  However, when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle, excuses aren’t good for anyone.  One day, I found myself talking among friends telling them I still had the “baby weight” to lose.  My friend asked, “How old is you baby?”  I said, “three years.”  I look back on that and think “Wow!  What a bad excuse!”  When my little three-year-old turned ten, I was still in the same condition.  I found myself crying, feeling loathsome, and insecure.  I desperately needed a push start on healthier living, so I committed one month of my life to Hilton Head Health (H3).

The Decision

Planning to spend one month away from my family took some organization.  I made my reservation and had sixty days to prepare.  The big problem I faced was in those sixty days was I kept second-guessing my decision.  I kept thinking, “I can’t do this!”  “This is insane!” On and on I went with more excuses as to why I couldn’t take care of myself and had to be a good mom and put everyone else before myself.  The major dilemma to those rationalizations is an unhealthy mom is not a good provider, example, or encouragement to her children.  Therefore, I carried on with my plan, packed my car, including my bicycle, and headed out to a new goal: a new me!

The Right Environment

I have never been so comfortable in a new environment, among strangers, than when I was at H3.  From the moment I got there, (wow, I can still smell the lobby, and it makes me smile) I was engaged in being a better me.  The whole environment marinates in success.  The H3 routine was rigorous but not too much.  I woke up at 6 am every morning to join the group for the beach walk.  What a magnificent way to start a day of better living.  Next came breakfast and a thermo-walk.  How I miss those!  Seriously!  Everyone gets up from the table and walks down to the “reflector tree.”  It’s a parade of your newest and best friends working together to be healthier people.  That feeling is at the core of the H3 experience; you are never on this journey by yourself.  There is always someone beside you edging you along and keeping you focused on your goal.

The New Beginning

Hilton Head Health teaches you how to make “good, better, [and the] best” of choices out on your own.  You learn skills to help you stay focused.  You breathe in new life and become a better you.  I kid you not; just writing this letter reminds me of the “best” choice I made: going to Hilton Head Health.