B-Healthy: Hilton Head Health's Premier Bariatric Program

Hilton Head Health, America’s #1 Weight Loss and Wellness Resort, is extremely proud to offer a specialized bariatric programs to help people safely and effectively reach and maintain their weight loss goals. For over 40 years, our mission has been to deliver sustainable weight loss results backed by science and psychology using a holistic approach that blends fitness, nutrition, and cognitive education. Our bariatric program serves as a natural extension to our program offerings.

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B Healthy forms the bridge from successful bariatric surgery to successful lifestyle weight management for years to come.

If you’ve had surgery and are looking for a program to support you in long-term weight loss and weight management, we have the perfect program for you. Build your confidence at our temptation-free campus through education, consultations and skills training at our minimum one-week program.

Improving the Outcomes of Your Patients

If you are a bariatric surgeon or if you own a practice that specializes in weight loss surgery, we are here to support you in the success of your patients. By partnering with Hilton Head Health, you’ll be setting your practice apart. With over 4 decades of proven weight management results, our team of dietitians, psychologists, fitness instructors, professional chefs, yoga masters, and personal concierges will help your patients succeed by providing a controlled environment with hands-on education to be empowered for healthy living.