Coaching Corner: Resolve Dissolves in Alcohol

Posted on Jun 04, 2013 by Hilton Head Health

Here at H3 we have many, what we call, “Bob-isms” (mantras created by our very own Nutrition Guru, Bob Wright). One of those phrases is Resolve Dissolves in Alcohol. I think most of you already know that alcohol has the ability to impair a person’s judgement. And for those of you who have taken some of Bob lectures, you learned that a little bit can go a long way; especially when you are going out to eat and trying to generate healthier habits.

A few popular strategies to overcome the Resolve Dissolves in Alcohol dilemma are:

- order your beverage with your meal
- order your beverage as a desert after your meal
- don’t order a beverage

Please enjoy the video below with a jingle about how Resolve Dissolves in Alcohol! =D

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