Going Nuts about Nuts!

Posted on Jun 13, 2013 by Hilton Head Health


How in the world do you incorporate nuts into your day to day without over doing it?  I personally could eat cashews by the container, but as a chef and nutritionist I know that is not a good practice.  Here is what you do, incorporate your favorite nut into your fresh salads, into a rice pilaf to give it some crunch or even better yet, chop up macadamia nuts or pecans and crust Salmon, chicken, pork tenderloin or any white flaky fish.  Typically so it doesn’t look like a sad amount of nuts mix in some panko bread crumbs and seasoning to aid in the total coverage area, You only need to coat one side. You can’t see the other side anyway!  Look for our recipes on line with macadamia coconut crusted mahi mahi, or our pecan and panko crusted fresh catch!

As for those salads, some mixed greens, cucumbers, red onions, walnuts, feta cheese, dried cranberries, chopped grilled chicken breast and a balsamic glaze is like a party in your mouth.  There is so much flavor, crunch, zest, and shoot it’s actually really filling.  Maybe you want to make a cabbage salad with thai peanut dressing and add a few peanuts!  Remember though you need to measure them out!

If you are a nut snacker, like my buddy Lindsay Martin, then you need snack size Zip Lock bags to portion out those nuts.  If you put them in a regular size baggie, you will be disappointed and think that bag is half empty.  Perception in the food world is everything so make sure you trick yourself thinking it’s the perfect little amount to give your salad, rice, or protein a little more love.  Grilling is fun but sometimes it’s nice to roast a piece of fish where it’s crunchy, and perfectly cooked and you can still put a salsa on it.  As a matter of fact for dinner tonight at H3 we are having Macadamia and Coconut crusted Grouper with a Roasted red pepper and pineapple salsa!  Go Nuts, but be aware on their caloric density!

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