Fitness Friday: Michael Brams Success Story

Posted on Jun 14, 2013 by Hilton Head Health

There have been many people who have walked through the doors of Hilton Head Health and have gone home successful. Today, June 14th, 2013 marks the day that one of our guests, Michael Brams, has achieved his goal weight. After 7 weeks of H3 dedication in the fall of 2012 combined with 12 weeks of H3 dedication in the Spring/Summer of 2013, (75+ lbs later), Michael Brams says he is “feeling and looking the best I’ve felt since high school”. Michael took full advantage of the program; diligently following the meal plan, taking several fitness classes a day, signing up for personal trainings, cooking lessons, one on one nutrition consults, and learning as much as he possibly could in order to apply these healthy habits for when he goes back home. As a Fitness Specialist here, I am thrilled to show off some of the amazing accomplishments Michael has made during his time here. Please enjoy the video that does just that! =D

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