Coaches Corner: A Letter to Family and Friends

Posted on Aug 20, 2013 by Hilton Head Health

needing support from family

If you are reading this post, chances are, you have attended H3.  Obviously, most of the articles posted on this site are intended for you, this one however is for your spouses, partners, friends and family members.

Sometimes it’s those people, the ones who care about you the most, the ones that  truly want to see you succeed and be happy, that say and do things that backfire.   A comment meant to motivate, might cause frustration and resentment.  Words of encouragement might be received as judgmental.  Rather than supporting the changes you are trying to make they might actually unknowingly sabotage your efforts.  That is what researchers found when they surveyed young adults in Minnesota, ages 20 – 31 who were in relationships.  The results, published in the American Journal of Health Promotion, confirmed that was the case,  especially when comments were made to a partner about their weight.  Marla Eisenberg associate professor of adolescent health and medicine at the University of Minnesota commented that “encouraging a loved one to diet may do more harm than good.” 

Fortunately in most cases your family and friends have your best interest in mind.  They just don’t what to say or do.  It is up to you to give them guidance as to how they can support you.  The attached  letter from H3 to your family and friends ( if it looks familiar, it is included  as a part of the packet you received when you left H3), provides some guidelines on how they can best support your efforts. So pass this post on to the people closest to you, by following the suggestions provided, they to you can be friendly and effective supporters rather than friendly enemies.



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