Fitness Friday: Sweating with a Sandbag

Posted on Aug 23, 2013 by Hilton Head Health


sandbag front squat

If you had the chance to work out with me you already know how much I love my sandbag.  I think the sandbag is a simple tool great for strength, endurance and power training.

What makes it such an effective tool?

For me, the greatest benefit of the sandbag is the fact that it is awkward to lift.  The load is constantly shifting, or at least requires effort to stabilize, and this produces an effect far removed from conventional weight training.

How can anyone integrate sandbags into their training regime?

The best advice for individuals who want to add sandbag training into their existing workout is to simply make substitutions. Take your regular exercises and perform them with a sandbag instead of the regular machine, barbell, kettlebell or dumbbell. Don’t be surprised if your poundage drops, this is natural and is testament to the challenge that the sandbag provides.

Focus on the basic lifts – squats, deadlifts, presses and pulls and begin adding more advanced moves when you feel comfortable.


To Make your own sandbag you will need the following:

-Sturdy gym or duffel bag

- Sand or Rice

tools for sand bag


Here are 4 of my favorite sandbag exercises (with photos included)

Sandbag Movements

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