Book Review: Month of Meals

Posted on Jan 28, 2014 by Hilton Head Health


The American Diabetes Association has published a new and improved version of their popular book series Month of Meals. We started carrying the original series of the books in the Fit Shop in the late 1990’s and did so for many years.  Each book in the series provides recipes for 30 breakfasts, 30 lunches and 30 dinner.  All of the meals were designed to be nutritionally compatible, you could mix and match any breakfast with any lunch and any dinner. Making it not only a healthy recipe book, but an clever menu planning tool as well.  We carried the books in the shop  for many years until the books became dated and better resources were available. Now, it’s back and better than ever. The new updated edition, based on  latest nutritional guidelines for diabetes, has 167 breakfast, 167 lunches and 167 dinners, over 300 snack options and again compatible with each other .  Together there are over 4,500,000 daily menu combinations. (Give me a call when you have tried them all) The recipes are simple, healthy, tasty and most importantly it takes the guess work out of meal planning.

The basic meal plan; breakfast, lunch, dinner and 2 snacks, totals about 1500 calories, but it can be adjusted down to 1200 or up to 2100 calories. While the menus are designed specifically for those with diabetes, they are appropriate for anyone looking for healthy recipes.

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