H3 Meditation Giveaway

Posted on Jul 01, 2014 by Hilton Head Health

At Hilton Head Health, we help our guests make a mind-body connection in order to help them achieve long term wellness and weight loss, and live a healthier lifestyle. Achieving this self awareness not only helps reduce stress, but it helps one further understand any obstacles standing in the way of their goals and how to overcome them. One of the best ways to achieve this mind-body connection is through the practice of meditation. Regular meditation can also produce various health benefits such as decreasing muscle tension and enhancing your immune system.

Finish this sentence, "I want to practice meditation because ____.", for the chance to win an MP3 download of the new H3 "Meditations" CD, H3 yoga mat and bag! Post your response in the discussion box to the right. We will accept entries until Monday, July 7. The winner will be announced here on the blog on Tuesday, July 8th. Good luck!


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