Be Fit & Fab in 2015

Posted on Apr 02, 2016 by Hilton Head Health

Fashion is king, even in fitness!  It should be no surprise then that with the rise of gyms and exercise trends ‘gym clothes’ have taken a big step up in the world of fashion. While some people don't care what they wear while sweating it out, as long as it does the job, many others view their workout outfits as a way to showcase their style.  The fact, however, is that fitness clothing sales are growing at 4 times the rate of other clothing.


Fitness has become such a part of American culture.  Fitness inspired fashion has been developing since the 80’s when body suits, legwarmers and sweatbands reigned!  The Lululemon chain can be credited for making it cool and trendy to wear workout clothes everywhere after they came onto the scene in the late 1990’s with a line of high quality, comfortable clothing that looked too good to be relegated only to the gym.

In more recent years, the fashion trend has clearly driven workout clothes for women out of the dark corners of their closets to front and center.  And men are following close behind.  Major athletic companies like Nike, Adidas, Reebok and Under Armour are stepping up their fitness clothing sections for men.  In the past few years, Lululemon has expanded their line of men’s fitness clothing and is considering opening stores exclusively for the male consumer.


For the Fit Chicks, cross-over clothes are high in demand this year.  Women are looking for clothes that are trendy, attractive and comfortable in the gym, but can transcend to the coffee house, a luncheon or with a simple change of shoes even to work.  And speaking of shoes, they have their own place in this new fashion craze. Remember the traditional black or white Ked’s you wore as a kid?  They moved over to make room for shoes with unique patterns and bright or neon colors designed to compliment your newest outfit.

Many companies are partnering with luxury designer’s to create lines of fitness wear that are selling as fast as they come out.  Look for lines of clothing by Stella McCartney, Betsy Johnson, Cynthia Rowley, Tory Burch and Ralph Lauren to name a few, as well as major design brands such as Juicy Couture and Victoria Secret.  But with the designer labels comes designer prices.  Be prepared to shell out upwards of $100.00 for fitness pants and even more for jackets and shoes.

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