Couples that Sweat Together Stay Together

Posted on Apr 02, 2016 by Hilton Head Health

by Hilton Head Health Fitness Specialist Casey Walker

It's been proven that working out with a partner increases not only your accountability but your overall weight loss. When you have someone you look forward to working out with, you'll find yourself working out more and even challenging yourself in ways you wouldn't have before. And for all you couples out there, couples that sweat together stay together and stay healthier!


Here's different ways to work out more together:

1. When your playing catch with the dog. in between each throw complete as many reps of an exercise as possible (body weight exercises, i.e., jumping jacks, squats, push-ups, lunges...etc. ).

2. In the grocery store you can perform body weight exercises down the aisle (i.e. lunges, walking on toes, side shuffle, bicep curls with a heavy product) to add a simple workout to your grocery shopping.

3. Go to an outdoor park where you can use playground equipment to create your own circuit with your partner. (i.e. pull-ups, tricep dips, mountain climbers, step-ups, push-ups, etc.)

What's your favorite workout to do with your workout partner?

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